Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Varanasi night train

I think I last left us after the first holy color experience.   Holy moly is more like it.    Woke up after an interesting dinner and night of food and drink.   Headed out to play Holi with the crowds.    All of us went right into the center of the action and we were all promptly covered in this luminescent powder that was being thrown on everything.  See photo if it uploads.   We enjoyed ourselves until we were surrounded by a crowd that by the minute got larger and ominous.    Foreigners attract much attention and locals get a little too familiar.   Our tuk tuk drivers helped defend and watched our back as we exited.   Great family guys.   Cops came with big sticks and started beating them.  They don't want tourists harmed.   Changed the mood and we were more careful.    Headed to water palace.      Beautiful palace built in middle of the lake.   Shot lots of photos to share (warning over 1500 so far between us).  We'll try and pare it down or you can just avoid us until we forget the trip.  Amber fort was huge and impressive.    We drove in taxis leisurely (still dodging all of the above post) but not crowded and not too fast in the daylight.   Wow what a difference from before.   Taj mahal is now off the life list for us.   50 million rupees.   Long time ago.     He just wouldn't stop building.   Son decides he's going to break the bank so puts his dad in prison for the rest of his life.   Stopped that.   (mom I love you, but it could happen).    We can see why it's one of the wonders of the world.   We all freaked a little at the train station at night.     Looked like a Hollywood movie set.   Rats and all.  Night train to Varanasi.  Going to Steps to the Ganges river.  Slept well in the bunks.   Woke up around 3:30 and watched Amelia and Caroline sleep.    Can't imagine how this will affect them.   Sunrise was incredible..   Smells were too.   Power just went out in this ritzy (nicest we'll be in) hotel.  Been going off and on since we've been here.    Ladies shopping.  I just want a shower.   Off to Ganges to see funeral pyres and candles on the river.   Mud hut dinner with whole village of guides family tomorrow.  Just for us.   20 families are putting on the dog for us(maybe literally) they are incredibly gracious and I want to say we are grateful for their hospitality.   We're donating 20 high tech head lamps to them ( no power).   

Like I said.   Spotty Internet and rocketship schedule  I may get back or not.   We're having quite an adventure.

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  1. you are so luky that you got to go to to the holy experience.

    Form alexandra